Decentralized Open Source Comms & Digital Privacy
This list has been created to help people avoid being tracked, traced, spied-on and sold online.
BTC Pay Server – Open source bitcoin payment gateway node
Signal – End-to-End encrypted messaging
(centralized servers)
Mastodon – Decentralized Fediverse client
Element – Encrypted messaging w unlimited voice+video(built on top of Matrix protocol)
Matrix – Decentralized Fediverse protocol
Raspiblitz – Open source bitcoin lightning payment gateway node
Protonmail – End-to-End encrypted email
Tutanota – End-to-End encrypted email
OXT Explorer – Bitcoin blockchain deep-exploration/visual analysis tool
Mempool – Bitcoin mempool explorer(fees, blocks etc)
TX Street – Bitcoin mempool visualizer(fees, blocks etc)
Samourai Wallet – Open source privacy focused mobile bitcoin wallet
Ronin Dojo – Open source full bitcoin node, coinmixer + advanced privacy tool suite
Sphinx Chat – Lightning network-based private-messaging app
Zeus Wallet – Mobile lightning network wallet
LBRY – Decentralized/censorship-resistant video tubes
Odysee – Decentralized/censorship-resistant video tubes
IPFS(Interplanetary File System) – Decentralized disk storage+hosting
GPG Suite – PGP encryption tools(MAC)
TOR(The Onion Router) – Used to mask location/I.P. & access the undernet
Cleopatra – PGP encryption tools(PC)
Open Bazaar – Decentralized marketplace(forked to “Mobazha”)
Duck Duck Go – Non-invasive search engine that doesnt track users
Side Quest – Unofficial Oculus Quest 2 app side-loader
Impervious – Layer 3 Bitcoin P2P internet browser(runs atop the lightning network)
Start9 – Lightweight personal + private server
Braiins OS – Bitcoin mining firmware(squeezes extra hashrate out of miners)
Azte.co – Redeemable Bitcoin vouchers that function similar to phone card top-ups
BitTube – Decentralized, censorship-resistant video tubes
BitChute – Decentralized, censorship-resistant video tubes
QBittorrent – Torrenting app
Sci-Hub – Access to millions of paywalleed research papers and books
Monero – Anonymous and secure P2P currency
Secret Network – Privacy-based Layer-1 built w the Cosmos SDK
Automata – Privacy middleware for the ETH/DOT ecosystems
Bisq – Decentralized P2P on/offramp for fiat, crypto, gift cards, etc
HODL HODL – KYC-free P2P exchange platform

IRC(internet relay chat)
-simple, decentralized chatroom protocol w various clients + security options

Skywire/Skyminer VPN

VPNs(virtual private networks)
-Used to mask location/I.P.

-decentralized IPFS file storage solutions

3D printing firearms
-lbry/bitchute linx

Mesh networks


lbry/bitchute linx