DDIC Research Division

One of the ongoing and generally unmitigated issues in the digital world is the destruction/cancellation of ‘undesirable'(read: uncontrollable) communities. To the entities making these decisions, a simple button press can destroy entire subcultures, identities and consensus. The migration of these communities has been slow, bouncing from one centralized platform to another for some reason, as if the censorship happening on one wont happen on another. Over and over these hubs, forums, accounts etc are erased and made to start from scratch, some connections are lost forever in the confusion.

The DDIC RD aims to create backups and backup solutions for all of these ‘undesirable/counterculture’ groups.


Every group and every post on discord, reddit, twitter, facebook, youtube, is a social contract with the platform it exists on. The contract is essentially to refrain posting about anything that may be considered controversial. Controversial posts are deleted, groups comprised of many users making controversial posts are banned. The definition of controversial in this context is ever-changing, and so on a long enough timeline nothing is safe from this sterilization of the marketplace of ideas.

The DDIC RD proposes an ongoing slog to back up every community seen as a threat by those who would rather have a total domination of the idea marketplace. These backups will be set up, updated, and ideally synced from the original groups, in real-time, to distributed, decentralized and federated alternatives.

Our first groups of interest are:

-2Aprinting communities(designing and printing 3D firearms) (various sites and forums)

-magicplantsexchange(growing, trading, buying and selling ethnobotanical plants) (reddit)

-SR(defunct street art site originally based in australia) (forum)

-the eye(digital media archiving and preservation) (reddit/forum)

-new group showcasing urban climbing/parkour, city hacks, social engineering, distributed food production, resistance techniques, open source science/r&d, etc

There is overlap across many of these communities and one of the main ideological drives within is the idea of self-sufficiency, sovereignty and questioning overt authority trickling down from those in control of the narratives.