(a metaverse guild)

What is a metaverse guild?
Think of it as a freelance bounty hunter crew in another dimension. You pop in when you need/want to do some tasks for the guild, and you get a proportional cut of guild profits generated by those tasks- you decide your own level of involvement. The guild never sleeps and there will always be tasks to perform.

What kind of tasks?
The metaverse is a big place so there are many strategies to deploy.

Primary tasks will include keeping all gaming nft’s generating APR by interacting with them/their games as much as needed for max yield. There will also be several specific guild accounts that we will use for social-based engage2earn models to also maximize non-gaming nft yields.

Another field of metaverse tasking is whitelist hunting, which entails going through the various gauntlets set up by their respective project runners to get into early discord seed rounds. Collecting whitelist spots allow the guild to buy in to projects earlier and cheaper, and prime us for the best market positions during their launches. Whitelist hunting is generally a fairly brutal affair, but often a profitable one.

A variation on whitelist hunting is scouting early network protocols for farming opportunities, actively using their products and interacting with their apps, etc. Not only will this position the guild in early up-and-coming blockchain networks before they become mainstream, as well as give us opportunities for high-APY yield farms, but theres generally a high chance of receiving airdrops(free coins+assets) at some point for interacting with products/protocols on chains in a very early/experimental state, effectively getting paid to beta test the project.

Aside from the above, there are still many projects that use miners to generate coins(many are not cpu/gpu intensive and dont need high-grade gear). Members are encouraged to mine approved projects to add to the guild treasury. All treasury funds will be invested into yield-generating assets chosen by guild vote.

Experienced members will also be tasked with researching new projects that come on the radar, from collecting links to AMAs and office calls from within their respective discord communities to making their tokenomics/whitepapers available to our guild. Ideally each member will be following one or two upcoming projects closely so as to notify us when there are interesting dates and announcements to act upon, and keep those dates current on the guild calendar. This particular task will only apply to autists interested in these kinds of deep dives.

Current targets:

Games: Star Atlas, The Evolving Forest, DFK, Fold


Social NFTs: CityRoots, Mushrohms, ElkNet/Stag


Mining: Eth, 0L, Planetwatch, Skynet, GRC, LN


Early Networks to explore: Starknet, Euler
(protocol on eth), Fuse, Boba, Polis, IoTeX, Gnosis, Secret, etc

Proposed startup treasury allocations are as follows:
(Guild profit will be calculated by adding up the overall funds added to the main lending account every two weeks from all lending rewards, 1/2 of all LP rewards, and all NFT rewards. Of those added profits, 60% will be paid out proportionally to guild members, the rest will be banked in lending as the new treasury floor)

The treasury initial seed fund of $5000:
Lending $3000 (Geist(MIM+USDC), Blizz(AVAX+DAI), Solend(SOL+USDC), Tulip(ATLAS+POLIS))
LiquidityProvision $1000 (DFK(JEWEL/MIS), Elknet(ELK/XXX))
Metaverse NFTs $500 (DFK(TBD), Star Atlas(PEARCE X5)), The Evolving Forest(Sacred Saplings), CityRoots(Elder Tree Souls)
Whitelists $250 (TBD)
Upkeep $250 (sites, boosts, etc)


Pick up a DFK hero

ROME gamify battle launch

Check out Defimons+Stag for WL

Research Boba, Metis, Holochain, Optimism +Starknet chains for opportunities

join us