Currently Mining: BTC, ETH
Currently Staking: GRC, SOL, AVAX, SEQ
Nodes: BTC, DYN, LN, SKY, AVAX Delegate

Mining/Staking/Validator/Delegate/LP etc services & setup posts/videos

Full node, lightning node, WTs, various apps etc services+videos

Propagating food/medicinal plant+tree species: coffea, loquat, figs, moringa, nectarines, avacados+numerous other stone fruits, various citrus, pomegranate, straw/blue/rasp/elder-berries, wood trees, root stock, hbwr, bud, khat, psychotria v, calea z, mimosa h, san pedro, grafted peyote, ashwagandha, aloe, rue, tobacc, herd grasses, mushrooms

Planting food forests on unused land w mutual terms w owner

Homeless seed collections/sales program:(homeless folks often walk around collecting cans to recycle for 5 cents a pop, while passing under trees that produce hundreds of dollars of free seeds; if a city implemented a program and ran an online storefront it would be a financial boon for those citizens active within it, the city would collect ongoing revenue with little overhead, and ideally could set it up to repurpose unused lots to grow further orchards etc both for local food/medicinal production and for export)

Access to natural running water/low cost energy w mutual terms w owner


DDIC treasury for strategic investment-level core upgrades(land, energy production, cattle, manufacturing+comms gear, protection, drug+blood bank): The above, as well as ALGO, LBC, XVG, XLM, DOGE, DGB, BCH, XVC, VRM holdings